Pre Shearing BeeHive

It’s a beehive here as we ready for shearing on Tuesday and deal with rain and snow.
Sheep were brought indoors this afternoon when the rain showed up and then let out when the sun came out and put then back in again when the sleet started in the evening. Tomorrow morning they will be back out. And tomorrow night back in again.

This is what wet weather before shearing means. We’re really hoping for the forecast sunny, dry day tomorrow and Tuesday.

I put BJ to work with Gibson for bringing the flock in the second go round. Her first go at flock work. What a treat it is to work that dog. I brought BJ along in work very differently than I did Cajun and Gibson. Recognizing how sensitive she is I just let her work, without demanding she show any one skill or another (a novice mistake I made with Cajun and Gibson). So far I like that approach very much. She’s tight and fast and she knows it’s okay to work how she needs to. I’ve learned that that last part is the most important.  All the other fancy stuff will come later - when she's ready for it.

It’s been a busy couple days. Our usual pace of life has sped up and the weather wishes to complete matters. Nonetheless there are plenty of moments that remind me how remarkable it is to live a prairie life with sheep and dogs.