LGD Pup Rearrangements

Lily and Pippa started out in a small paddock directly behind the building set with a tidy group of yearlings. The pups and the sheep could access the alleyway and the building and at night the pups and sheep slept in the building together.

Meanwhile there was a general transition to the rams, llama and steer as I walked the pups about that paddock frequently. This way they also interacted with Oakley and Zeus.

After shearing Lily and Pippa were moved to a new, drier paddock along with Oakley and Zeus and the ram group.

They are now very familiar with their sheep and are interacting in a manner that is pleasing to see.

They have discovered the water bowl and are now tall enough to drink from it.

They still play endlessly. They sleep curled up together and are always seen together. They have started to have little spats over food.

Lily is the most determined to follow me and found a way to slip out the gate today. Pippa screeched loud and long about momentarily being left behind.

They are polite as ever around Oakley who has zero tolerance for bumping into, climbing onto or pawing.

They know Zeus is more of a push over and have tempted him into play a time or two. They have learned not to help themselves to the adults food bowl. Every pup gets that lesson and every pup learns it quick.

They are comfortable with PJ, the llama but still keep an eye on that steer. They have shown a little bit of guarding behaviour, alerting and barking at strange approaches and sounds.

All in all I think we’re off to a good start.