Blessed Shearing

It’s the end of a long day. I’ve just come in from taking the dogs for a short walk in the dark and then puttered around the kitchen tiding up from supper. While I’m exhausted I’m not ready to head to bed because it’s one of those days I have to savour for a moment more.

To reflect on how this all came together and turned into a day of beautifully blended people working harmoniously at a common task. And that that common task was helping Allen and I out during a long day of shearing.  By gosh we are so blessed.

Blessed to have first rate friends like Jill who come out year after year, even knowing what she’s in for. And that she brought along Judith who was eager to experience a day of shearing and soak it all up and who boldly jumped right in to help out.

Larry and Liezel who drove three hours one way to join us first thing this morning, stayed with us the entire day and brought fresh farm eggs.

Heath who took a day away from city life to see what shearing was about because Allen asked him if he would help.

Cynthia who made the trip out from the city to join us in the afternoon, and was a welcome relief person.

Rodney, a nearby neighbour, for coming by in exchange for some help on his shearing day and staying right to the end, which I don’t think he was expecting to be quite so far off  when he arrived.

And by gosh, Andrea. Andrea got in touch with me a short while ago via my website. Just a simple email that said she was interested in coming out for shearing day. Oh, and she said she has a love for fibre. We did not know each other before this morning. Last night when it looked like we would have enough extra hands to keep up, Allen and I sorted out how to add a skirting table so we could try our hand at skirting fleeces, something we have never done before.

Well, Andrea happened to be quite the expert on wool and skirting fleeces. What are the chances that just the person we needed was here today. A complete stranger to boot. The synchronicity of that is just glorious. Andrea and I hit it off right away, discussing a common fondness for good wool. Of course she is no longer a stranger and yes, she really does love fibre.

And also, Jared who came along mid morning, expecting only to stay a short while and staying much longer, engrossed as he was with putting his dogs to work moving the ewes.

Finally the shearers. Lorrie, Laverne and Dave. What a terrific crew of guys.  Per usual they put in a solid’s days work, shearing 400 head without complaint, when they (and I) were only expecting around 350. I’m still not sure how my count got so wrong but I'm chalking it up to those smaller lambs I decided to leave in the group to be shorn instead of sorting them out. 

The day flowed right on by, almost seamlessly. Tomorrow morning as I feed animals and slowly ease normalcy back into the farmyard I’ll still be counting the blessings of this day.

Thank You All.