Sorting and Setting up for LGD Pups

Looking forward to seeing this pile of sleeping beauties. I will be heading out in a few days time to pick up our couple new prospects for guardian duty. You can see more photos back at this blog post.

Photo Courtesy of Ian Paul
 It is time to get set up.

The last time I did this was three years ago for Whisk and Diesel so I have some remembering to do.

Well first thing is to make sure I have some sheep to set with the pups. I fed the flock this morning and let them have a few hours of eating before heading out after lunch to bring them in for sorting. I went out via the barn paddock so I could open necessary gates.

Lo and behold the girls were just coming up for water - at the barn paddock. This was a lucky break as they were much closer to where I wanted them. I just needed to scoop behind them and close the gate out to pasture. Done.

I had the sheep at the yard and I didn’t even have a stock dog out yet. In a moment of shining optimism I thought I might be able to walk the ewes right into the building myself. I soon abandoned the idea and walked to the house for Jayde and Gibb. The stock work has been pretty light for the last few months so they were definitely feeling up to the task.

In the barn, I left the ewes in a group and just walked through catching the animals I wanted. I figured I still had enough lighter lambs from the 2013 lambing that I could use (and could catch). I was after wether lambs and wanted about 20 animals but it turned out I didn’t have 20 light wethers so I took some light ewe lambs as well.

My second lucky break happened as the ewes were filing in and I spied an orange tag ewe trying to lamb and looking like she might need a hand. Here she was right where I needed her. I tucked her into a make shift pen, pulled the little gaffer and left them settle there for the afternoon.

Over the next couple of days I'll be moving sheep panels, blocking gates and escape holes that pups might slip through. I’ll set up a cozy nest box for them in or near the building and generally make ready for two hooligans who will consume my days for the next little while.