On The Easel - Maybe

This is a sketch I did a little while ago and haven’t taken any further. It’s a large piece and large pieces feel a little more daunting to start on. I think I’ll add a couple more dogs in before I start the good version. Being of a large size it’s sketched out on a large piece of manilla sketch paper. The photo picked up a glare from my light (I don't have it sketched that way).

There is a lot of sheep detail, so it's going to take a while. I won't start the good version until I'm ready to run with it so to speak. The finished piece will be done in colour pencil.

I’m off bright and early tomorrow morning for a weekend visit with a good friend and then picking up pups.  Allen will have the weekend to himself - well, sort of - he’ll have all the dogs. :)  I'll catch up again at the start of next week.