Off the Easel

The first day of Spring and lest we forget about it so soon, Mother Nature plunged us back into winter. I’m sure she means well, although I was just getting comfortable about not needing the heavy winter coveralls. 

Yesterday the ewes went off to graze; I have no idea what they were managing to pick at. Today they hunkered down and stayed near the hay. I am no longer bringing them to the night area but letting them settle and bed out on pasture. They seem to appreciate this new arrangement.

If Mother Nature was shelling out a few more cold days I figured I’d put them to good use. I worked on our farm finances.

Yah, I know, who am I kidding, ... that wasn’t the good use part.  Finishing this piece was.

Waiting to Go
Pencil drawing on tan paper
9 x 12" size