Winter Shift

It’s brutal cold again, and chores are - well they are feeling a bit like a chore at this point of a long winter.  The sun is shining brighter though and the daylight is increasing. It feels more like our regular winter than the last month of wind and greyness has.

I wonder if the ewes get tired of coming to the same place to bed down. I only fed a single bale today and the girls ventured further afield in search of other nibbles under the snow. When I went out in the evening and saw them ‘grazing’ in the winter landscape and glinting evening sun, the scene unlocked a small, winter frozen, particle inside of me. I love it when I feel those affects of this place upon me. The dogs, both stock and guardians, are restless. I’m feeling a bit that way myself.  We’re all constricted by the cold and icy snow surface, walks just aren’t long and free moving enough.

I lost a ewe this past week and while moving her body noticed her fleece was brighter and with less lanolin than others. So I sheared some of it and made another attempt at washing wool for felting projects. I have had less than stellar results in the past but was hopeful for this try.

I have been playing around with tweaking the blog and with artwork and writing. I want to be a little more free with writing and shift this content in a slightly different direction. It’s just taking me some courage to do so.