Tractor Feeding

One of the pitfalls of feeding with a tractor. Once familiar with it and what it brings the sheep crowd around it and the smaller animals crowd right underneath it and it is very easy to run them over. I suppose one of the blessings of not having a cab on the tractor is that I can see around the tires. This view would be blocked were there a cab on here. 

The wool on the animals is also a disadvantage when they get too close to rubber tires as it clings rather than slips.

This crowding really slows down the feeding time as all you can do is inch along to avoid crushing someone (and yes, it’s happened). It’s also too dicey to use a stock dog in this situation and since I’m out on pasture leaving the dog to watch the gate isn’t the answer either. Think I will start closing the gate behind me, thus keeping the animals in the night pen area while I go out and feed. Then I can let them wander out after me - they'll use their noses to find the way to the feed.