Do You Ever Wonder Why It Is

It is brutally cold out again. It is the minus thirty kind of cold that makes feeding four hundred animals a significant accomplishment of the day.

Mother Nature can be a tough coach, and when you live amidst her presence in such a reliant fashion as farming is, she really digs the soul out of you. Each morning after I finish feeding I do a silent cheer and then whisper a thank you that all went well for another day and the animals are fed.

There is a sweet warmth in the sun now and this morning I sat for a moment to let it sink through my hundred layers, until I could ‘feel’ it on my skin.

Do you ever wonder why it is that you got to where you are?

I was considering how it is that in ten years of farming this is the first winter I have fed with, and thus am reliant on, a tractor. In today's farming era, that’s rather remarkable. A zillion choices in those ten years created the space I’m in now - created the why of why I'm here.

It’s certain that if I had started out with all the fancy equipment that supposedly makes life more efficient, I would not be in the same place of appreciation. Nor would I feel so secure in what can be accomplished when you flow with nature rather than against her. I guess in some way, I, and this place, are proof of it.