LGD Moving Through Sheep

When they feed on a swath of hay the ewes are tight to each other, each vying for space and best bits of the rolled out grass and alfalfa. They are pushy. They lean on each other and push each other out.  If I am rolling out a hay bale myself (not on the tractor) some of the ewes even forget their worry about being near a human and press against me. 

On this day I was sitting on the tractor for a spell, just watching sheep feed when Diesel approached on one side of the swath of ewes. It seemed he wanted to cut across and for the next few moments I watched him communicate his wishes.

He moves into a gap, communicates to a couple lambs.

Comes face to face with an uncooperative ewe. He asks and he waits.

Then gives her a hard eye look and slowly stalks forward.

She gives ground and he comes out on the other side.

He takes a look around and then saunters down the line to his two favourite girls. :-)


  1. Great pictures to go with your thoughtful observations. Those dogs are so fascinating.

  2. So fascinating indeed. I love to watch them.


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