Tired, Satisfied and Cold

I spent the last couple days in the company of my good, good friend Liezel, while attending the annual SK Sheep Board symposium. Given that the weather was extremely cold I felt fortunate to be indoors for a couple days while Allen managed back here at home. Bless him.

The two days away were full and rewarding. I’m tired. I’m satisfied.

I’m the kind of tired that comes with stretching oneself and doing things that are new and exciting, like speaking to a group of people about your dogs and your way of life. I’m satisfied because the opportunity stretched me and challenged me in more than a few good ways. I was deeply nervous heading into this, yet when it was over, I realized I had enjoyed myself. Apparently that enjoyment came through as the feedback about the presentation was highly rewarding.

Today I got back to farm work and the day carried vibes of restless unease that I think only comes from taking care of animals in deep, deep, cold. Will they be okay? Did we forget anyone? How are the dogs faring? The left over lambs that are still here are probably feeling the cold the most. They’re small and it’s tougher for them to eat enough and stay warm. The flock has once again picked a beautifully sheltered spot and we opened up the building for the rams and horses to spend the night in.  Otherwise, we wait for the cold to break.