Staying Cozy

While walking the kelpies and border collies this morning I marvel at how the house dogs handle the cold as well as they do, continuously moving to stay warm. Then I can't help but marvel at how warm I have managed to be in this crazy cold. 

The dogs and I do have continuous movement in common but, unlike the dogs, I have on many layers and without ever being on a mission to do so I happen to be clothed in a few wooly goods. The layer right next to my skin is 100% merino wool body wear. My socks are made from 100% llama fiber. In my lined winter boots is an additional sheep skin insole I purchased just last week (love these).

On my hands are large, leather mitts lined with a pair of knitted wool mitts (a precious gift). Inside of these is a small bit of raw fleece. This raw wool was a tip from a lady who recently came to visit me and learn about the dogs. So now I have a bit of raw fleece in the mitt and in my thumb sleeve. I love having it there.

My hands are toasty and I can play with curling my fingers into the raw fleece when needed. I used raw fleece so I have the benefit a bit of lanolin there too, which is wonderful for dry fingertips. This bit of fleece also saves me wearing the finger area of my mitts out.

This cold is tough on animals and I do feel for the younger lambs as they don't seem to have the layer of fat and fleece that the ewes have, but I have little doubt that the wooly ewes are best equipped of all of us to handle it.