Rams and Such

Breeding season is upon us once again. I like to keep a few extra rams but since I sold some ewes, I really have an abundance of rams this year. I sorted through the rams this past week and sent the better ones out to the ewes for breeding. With the extra rams I’m hoping the ewes will be bred in a shorter period of time. The remaining rams, and a few runty ram lambs stayed put with the wethers, two bovines and the horses. 

(Photo taken Fall 2011)
So that’s the two animal groups right now - the ewe flock, and the left over rams and company. The winter climate here drives some of our management decisions. I didn’t sort any of the females this year, but elected to keep everyone together for ease of winter management.  The lambs that are still here are small (It’s tough to grow when it’s this cold out) so it’s very doubtful they will cycle and be bred. 

Otherwise, this past week was a busy one in more than the usual Merry Christmas way. There was a bit of a shake up here on the ranch; one that I am still reeling from. When I begin to make sense of it and am able to articulate it, I’ll share what happened.