All I Want For Christmas ...

All I want for Christmas is a cab for at least one of the farm vehicles. The farm vehicles include the Ranger and a 45 year old tractor, neither of which have a cab. They are both open-air vehicles. We dress in many layers when we head out for chores because of the cold plus the wind chill we’ll get even on the still days. Without a cab there is no option to sit in and warm up if we get cold. There is only mufflers to warm frozen hands on. Since the sheep remain out on pasture during the winter that’s where we’re doing the bulk of the chores. There is no option of slipping up to the house to warm up because it’s a lengthy walk or drive back there.

The ewes are wintering on a different paddock from last year and we let them chose their shelter and once again they placed themselves into the heart of slough bed ringed with trees. It’s a long and narrow space with hill slopes on three sides. It’s mouth faces North so the ewes have settled themselves well inside the shelter. They even have side door exits on this space.

Spreading some old hay for bedding (done with a pitch fork)
We’ll be sorting and sending rams out shortly and this deep cold during breeding season certainly has us concerned. Perhaps if this cold remains into January we’ll have to feed the flock in the shelter and give the rams whatever buffers we can against old man winter.

Incredibly the ewes still go off and paw in the snow for the last bits of frozen grass. My gosh they are resourceful creatures and I deeply admire that, perhaps because Allen and I are a bit resourceful ourselves. Nonetheless, I'm still going to hold out for having a vehicle with a cab one day.