A Little Less Frozen

Today we are a little less frozen.The sun shone and the wind eased. The ewes moved beyond where they had to go to get feed, and started picking in the grass again. They moved freely, that is, without being hunched up. The guardian dogs stopped shivering and lay in the hay while the sheep ate. The stock dogs and I managed a two mile walk/run to burn off a great deal of excess energy. It is still good and cold but the temperature climbed to minus twenty something today and the fact that that felt warm tells you how frigid it has been here. Once again I have no photos from the day to share as with the cold I am already out of the habit of taking the camera with me. Allen snapped this photo of the stock dogs creating some excitement for themselves a couple days ago.

I am grateful for many small graces. First, no animals have died yet (a great possibility in such extreme cold). The water bowls have not frozen, and the tractor is running again. The old fuel furnace is still keeping this old farm house warm and deep cold outside means time inside for me once I’m done feeding and checking in on everyone.

There is no shortage of projects for me to consider this winter. It seems that as soon as I think of setting my pencil down and putting my feet up for a moment there is another idea to ponder.  Most recently it was suggested that the LGD presentation be made into a PDF document that would be available online. So I’ve started to do that. Today I also took the first steps on the journey of a much larger project that has been in the back of my mind for better than a year.  I have started working on a book :)