Winter Preparations

Allen has been a busy fellow the last little while. Thanks to him (and I do thank him, oh so much), our ancient, little, old, red and yellow tractor had some hydraulic upgrades and the front end loader will now work in cold temperatures. This just might be my salvation for feeding this winter.

The Quonset building has been tidied and the doors realigned so that they can actually close and keep the snow and wind out. So we have a protected indoor parking spot for larger vehicles in a place where they can get plugged in.

The Ranger has had a bit of an overhaul too, with still more work to go. That little (border collie) bus  has numerous miles on her; we use her everyday without fail so it’s no wonder she’s wearing out.

Allen also installed a garage door on the red shop which is nicely insulated and hence substantially warmer than outside is. The Ranger now has an indoor parking space which means I won’t be setting up boards, a tarp and a heat lamp underneath in order for it to start in the bitter cold of winter.

The water bus was given a new purpose this winter too. We can’t use it for water as everything would freeze solid. Instead, we took the back door off, removed the water pump, tub and hoses, filled the back space with a deep bed of straw and parked it where the flock is bedding down at night. It’s there for the guardian dogs to use. There is no way to plug the bus in and get it started again once it gets cold, but if we need to move it, we’ll tow it to the next spot until the snow prevents that. I’ll try to get some photos when it’s not so grey and frosty outside.

I finally found a new pair of insulated coveralls. You wouldn’t think these would be hard to find in Saskatchewan and they’re not, they’re kind of essential goods for us prairie farmers and ranchers, but I have trouble finding them in a small enough size.

So it sort of feels like we’re set. We’ve done a good deal of preparation; winter can arrive and we'll take what comes. Hay feed is still a concern but we’re well stocked for the time being and there are more animals due to leave soon.