Snowy Transformation

On Sunday just past I was wearing my rain pants and coat. Yesterday - the arrival of snow changed that and transformed the place.

This photo was taken from a similar place as the one in the last post. The snow presents such a different landscape.

When snow arrives on the heels of rain it creates a few minor difficulties. Traction and getting around. Gates iced up. Twines on hay bales are frozen down making for a tough job of getting them off. While it’s a long shot for the month of November in Saskatchewan, I hope we warm up enough to see this melt off. Then the snow can come again.

I love these sheep, but upon the arrival of the first snow my thoughts go to the livestock guardian dogs. The woolies are - well, wooly - they’ll do fine. But I feel for the dogs. Do they ponder the tough season that lies ahead?

I find it easier to think that they do not. That they just take every day as it comes.