Outfitted LGD's

Deer hunting season has been in full swing here for a little while. I respect conscientious hunters and the desire to hunt for food, but I also know that not all hunters are that way. In Saskatchewan many, many farmers and even non-farmers consider coyotes as vermin and they are quick to shoot anything resembling one. The idea of being predator friendly is a dicey topic among many of them.

While hunters are supposed to be looking for deer... well, let's just say there are hunters are all over the country side right now.

I have LGD’s to help safeguard the sheep but also in an attempt to practice predator friendly ranching. I feel more secure that the white dogs will be okay, their white colour being their distinction. Whiskey and Diesel however, were outfitted with new bright orange collars. The LGD’s do not wear collars very often.  I hope these two keep these on for the time needed.  I call them their ‘we are not coyotes (or deer) collars.’ To me and you it is obvious they are neither a coyote or a deer. But folks on the trigger end of gun and feeling a little too zealous about shooting coyotes or bagging a deer don’t always take a long enough moment to look.