Loaded and Sold

I brought the flock home last night. It was so brutally cold I didn’t even take a stock dog with me. With the flock near the yard the guardian dogs followed me around to the building, Diesel discovered a large canvas sack of loose wool tags, made a nest and bedded down. The thermometer was approaching minus thirty Celsius. I spoke too soon about the tractor - it did not work yesterday. So I had a bit of a long morning figuring out how to feed.

Today the temperature began to climb its way out of this cold snap but I was still thoroughly pleased to be working in a building. We spent the day sorting, tagging and then loading sheep. The sorting went well, the loading not so much. We were not able to set up a race (chute) leading to the trailer and it didn’t seem to matter what we tried, those sheep were unwilling to load. Maybe they didn’t want to be sold. I tried using the younger dogs, BJ and Gibson, but they couldn’t convince them to get onto a trailer either. Loading trailers is tough and they were not quite ready for that situation. The ewes had our number today.

In the morning, there will be a little more sorting of a smaller group and one more trailer load to go out, then a dozen ewes to get over to the neighbours yet. Then that’s it for selling ewes. We did not get a chance to put any lambs on the scale but I’ll think I’ll wait until next month now.

The bulk of the sheep are back out on pasture, and we took that bag of wool out there for the guardian dogs. My hard working stock dogs are all curled up in assorted spots around the house. I’ve got my feet up and a hot beverage nearby. I’ll be off to a warm bed shortly.