Hay and Rehearsal

I have not been out with the camera in awhile and today was not the day for it - it’s a tad chilly here at the moment. 

The ewes indicated they were done grazing by thoroughly nibbling on a small stack of hay bales located in the same paddock. To prevent them from making a real mess I moved the girls back a paddock where I don’t mind having hay residue accumulating. So they are now eating hay again which means daily feeding chores. This hay feeding is about a month earlier than usual so I’m really hoping we have an early Spring to shorten the length of time we have to feed for.

I have sold a small flock of ewes so in the next couple of days I’ll bring the flock home for some sorting. At the same time I’ll try to get a few of the left over lambs onto the weigh scale and see what weight they are at.

When I’m in the house I’m busy working on artwork, and tweaking and rehearsing my LGD presentation notes. In lieu of a photo, I wanted to share my intro slide here, however, due to an internet hang up, none of my photos will upload. So I'll have to settle for sharing the title.
Guardian Dogs, Management Practices and Coexisting with Predators

I am so excited for this opportunity; my nerves are twitching already. I won’t have trouble with the subject matter, I know it well. However I do live a bit like a hermit, so my verbal communication skills are underused. The animals simply don’t care if you jumble your words around a bit. So I’m treating this speaking opportunity as just that, a chance to speak - out loud - to an audience of people.  The subject matter is icing on the cake.