And So It Goes

Remember my fence woes? Well, I still don’t have the fence working properly, however, I did manage the situation with the fence crawling ewes. I finally had enough of returning the wandering band of ewes to the flock and instead brought them home and placed them in one of the securely fenced paddocks by the yard.

It meant I had to feed them hay which annoyed me greatly, but this stopped the ewes from practicing the habit and gave me reprieve from the frustration. Meanwhile I pondered what to do with them (the two or three instigators in particular) and meanwhile other tasks jumped the queue.

Then I had it. I would trade out my current group of dogging sheep for those ewes I suspected were the ring leaders. If I could pick out the leaders and keep them contained the rest could return to the flock and would very likely stay put. Not long after that thought, a friend called looking for a half dozen sheep for training stock dogs. Aha, I could place a few more of these ewes with him and for sure weed out the leaders. He was happy to take them as the fence at his place is built like Fort Knox so he wasn’t concerned they would cause any trouble there, plus I gave him a really good deal. It was a great solution for both of us and for the sheep, and he took those ewes home last week.

This morning Cajun and I were sorting a group of those ewes out for myself so I could finally send the remainders back out to pasture and cease having to feed them hay. We put the group in the building which is divided into two halves by a half wall with a swing gate. There were a few ewes in particular that I was interested in dogging and then the others could be whomever. I was undecided on how many to keep though - ten or maybe fifteen, or twelve? I don’t want to be feeding hay to lot of extra mouths right now so the fewer I keep here the better and yet I want enough to rotate through because after this, if I want different sheep, I have to bring in and sort through the entire flock.

We gate sorted a rough group into the back pen. We sent a few back, I decided to trade, then a few extra slipped through and we started over with sorting a few back. Then I had ten, but decided I needed a couple more. I think we sorted five times and Cajun was beginning to wonder what was going on. I finally settled on twelve and we took the remainder of the ewes back out to pasture to join the flock. Aahh another task done and less hay to feed.

I came into the house for lunch and returned a phone message. A family is looking for some sheep to expand their daughters flock with. They only wanted a small number of sheep and realize it might not be worth the hassle for me to sort them out of the big flock,... but did I have twelve sheep that I would be willing to sell?