A Task of Elemental Basics

The main flock moved over to a pasture of milk vetch that was stockpiled for late grazing. A choice that is saving us in winter feed. The longer the ewes can graze this year the more relief I feel. It looks pretty brown and lifeless in this pasture but underneath is some green that ewes are cherishing right now.

On my tour around the pasture I was pleasantly surprised to see the wetlands are open again and that the ewes had visited there for a drink. As much as possible we use the water bus to provide water for the girls, however, at this time of the year, the valves and hoses freeze. So we rely on wetlands, snow (none here yet) or the heated water bowls at the yard. The girls are further away from the water bowl now so in their minds the wetlands are the easier choice.

I love this particular wetland on this pasture and when I drove around it this evening I stopped for a visit. At one spot I spied small rocks lying here and there.

I started to pick them and toss them toward the shore. In moments I had rocks in a loose arrangement at the shore.  I moved some of the larger rocks close to the edge, hoping they would be firm enough to be stepping stones to the water.

I worked in silence, no animals around me. I wrote in my head as I worked. There was nothing difficult about the task and placing stones has a way of soothing and building ones spirit at the same time.

There is an abundance of dry grass on hand, so after I was done with the rocks I ripped up handfuls of grass and laid it down, covering the muddy bank and providing a surface for the girls to walk on.

I was lost in time and space. Submerged in a trivial task, needing to do this spontaneous, soul stirring activity because of the elemental basics of it. Feeling the elemental essentials of what land and life are about all over again.

Stones and grass; using what I have; seeing that it is here to use. No need to go anywhere else for what I needed. A precious spot where land and water meet and everything at my fingertips. It was such a simpletons tasks and it fulfilled me immensely.