Choosing Thanks

So far this has been a month of decision making with some easy choices and some difficult, but most of the choices have been centered around parting with some of this flock.  I was all set to write a long post to relate everything and share the why's and the what for's but now that I'm parked at the computer I just want share some thanks instead, because even when choices are tough to make, we are still blessed to have the choices.

Things are feeling a little more settled here and it's remarkable how much thanks I feel for that alone.  We have started rolling hay out on the pasture for the main flock. The small band of sheep who like to slip the fences are now contained in a paddock near the yard.

Willow went missing four days ago. Allen found her today in the bottom of an old pit at the neighbours yard. That he happened to discover her there is amazing. We are so relieved to have her back home.

On this Thanksgiving weekend we are not harvesting - and I am very thankful for that every year.

I'm thankful that I have this land and this flock to make choices about, and I'm very okay with this being my daily scene.