Ag Experience for Them, Child Experience for Me

This week I am taking part in a new adventure. I headed to Ag Experience to volunteer at the sheep booth. Ag Experience is a three day event for Grade Four school children to experience agriculture. They experience all number of things, from a cookie auction, to canola crushing, to cow milking, to stock dog demonstrations, to getting their hands on some wool at the sheep station. It was fast paced (we had 11 minutes with each group of students), it was quite loud, it was slightly annoying, it was very entertaining. Like good dogs, the children who came with good leaders behaved the best. Those who didn’t …. well… they were the most energy draining.

Not much could complete with the stock dogs working the sheep (no, not me and not my dogs but a dear friend and his) but I was fascinated at how many children were attracted to the needle felting. They wanted to use the felting needles, they wanted to play with the coloured wool, they wanted to touch and to hold, they wanted to create something. They connected with wool because they connected with a picture, and then with an idea to make something. I hope it’s an experience at least a few of them will remember because the world needs more artists.