On The Fence

With the ewes slipping through fences, my rotational grazing is a moot point at the moment. Allen got part way around the fence line last week and discovered a wire down. Fixing that helped increase power to the wires but proved not to be the real trouble. I began my dreaded task of cutting grass along the fence line today. I got a full hour into the job and then ran out of gator line in the whipper snipper.

I have no idea how long this job will take but I imagine it will take awhile. I guess that’s okay; I have all month to work on it. As I do I can sort out what direction to go in with this flock. With the lambs at foot and grazing now, there are close to a thousand sheep here. A thousand animals eat their way through a paddock in a hurry. Only half this land is fenced so I need to decide to either do more perimeter fencing, which is not something I want to consider while I’m trying to solve fence trouble on the existing fence, or sell some animals. As with most big decisions there is many offshoots. Winter feed, cash flow for new fence, low sheep prices, and deciphering what it is I really want to see happen in the future. It might be a shaky month.