Minerals On Offer

I meant to share this post back in the summer when I took the photos but I never did. Likely because I kept swapping it for anything that made it seem I live a more glamorous life than minerals, fences, and noticing what sheep are eating. I’m not sure I succeeded. 

Anyhow, I occasionally field questions about the mineral program I offer to the ewes, how I mix it and what I put it in. Well here I am in the pasture, refilling the tub.

My tubs of assorted goodies.
Vitamin A and D
The mineral mix - contains kelp, limestone, sulphur, copper sulphate
Kelp which I also pepper into the salt (not shown) which is offered seperate from the mineral.

The black mineral tub is a covered, three compartment cattle mineral tub. I put salt in two compartments and the mineral mix in the third. The salt will be refilled numerous times before they mineral mix is consumed.

The ewes have no trouble getting into the tub.

But this ewe doesn’t wait for me to finish before coming for a lick of salt.