So, due to the rain, we set up and loaded lambs out of the Quonset. Cajun and Gibson were put to work once more to bring half the lambs through the yard for the first truck, which did get here and arrived in the morning.  Second truck came mid afternoon so we had plenty of time to bring the second half of the group around.

The day we weaned lambs last week, four ewes rushed back in through the gate while I was hurriedly trying to drive through with the Ranger. I let them be, I didn’t feel it was worth worrying about four ewes being with the lambs. In the end it was a good thing to have happened. Those four ewes were the leaders and sure helped with moving those lambs where we needed. It sure helped with penning into the Quonset to. Once we penned the lambs, we hand sorted the ewes out and took them back. In the future I think I’ll make a point of keeping a few ewes with any large group of lambs.

The rain stopped the night before and loading day was warm and sunny. The lambs loaded like a dream; filing down the alleyway and hopping onto the truck with relative ease. I’m not sure what did it - the way we were set up, the sunny day, having been moved down an alleyway three times in the past week, or something else completely.

The sale was today but I can’t pay attention to a sale when I know the animals are there. It bothers me to sell them, so I need to let them go and let it be. It feels rather hypocritical of me but that’s where I’m at with this end of raising livestock and I haven’t mentally sorted my way around it.