How In The Heck…

Sheep camp and the herding trials are all said and done. The silence here is immense and little difficult to feel.

The evening after the herding trials we opened a couple gates and allowed the dogging sheep to come and go between a few paddocks to get a good feed. Today I headed out with Cajun to round them up, do another sort and send the majority of them out to pasture to rest with the flock, keeping a couple dozen nearby to continue to work the dogs.

The girls were spread out to all four corners and some were lost in a thistle patch. But one ewe really caught me by surprise. Even with the open gates and no pressure from dogs she had to go over the fence instead of around.

She hooked one back leg in the top square of the woven wire fence. It twisted and caught her foot. I found her hung up by the hind leg, thankfully with her head and shoulders on the ground. Had she been suspended I’m sure I would have found her in a very different state.

The wire only twisted around her foot once so she was relatively easy to free. She stood and did the drunken sailor walk which ewes do after being so long tipped up on their side. Her foot was useless to her so I imagine the circulation had been cut off for some time. Cajun and I brought her in and she rested while I sorted. I watched her walk in the pen and when she thought about it, she could place the hoof square and place a little weight on it. But when she had to walk she was walking on the knuckle, like she couldn’t find her foot. I imagine it felt a little like when our own limbs fall asleep, although probably more painful, and hoped that was all it was. It wasn't broken so I decided not to splint it and let her out to pasture with the others.