Bedraggled All Around

I missed a post because my world was busy changing and I’m too exhausted with catching up to it.

 We decided to sell the light weight lambs as feeder lambs so it’s been a crazy week of more sheep sorting, weighing and tagging. We went from selling no lambs at the weekend sale to selling 250 plus lambs.

Tuesday was a dawn to well-beyond-dusk day of sheep work. Wednesday the dogs and I enjoyed a long morning walk in the rain which started overnight. Today, still in the rain, I sorted out all the animals who are staying home, leaving me with all the lambs who are tagged and ready to be loaded on a truck in the morning. Afterward I rearranged panels for loading.

Soggy lambs waiting in the holding pen
However, in the upside down fashion only mother nature can cause, our plans shifted again. The rain hasn’t stopped yet. In a day and a half we went from crispy dry to washing away in the mud. There is no way a truck and trailer will get up to the building to load lambs. They may not even get here on the now soggy grid roads.

 Just beginning to get muddy
If we can’t get the trailer to the lambs we’ll have to bring the lambs to the trailer and load out of the Quonset, situated in the yard, where driving is still possible. So we’re setting up all over again. We’ll be up early to move panels and create a large pen and load out chute. Then moving lambs through the yard and seeing if we can pen them in a building they’ve never been in before.

This is one week I’ll be glad to see the end of.


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