Settled, Unsettled and Back Again

Remember my thoughts that the last paddock I moved the ewes to was a lovely place for sheep. (Moving Sheep Here and There)

I don’t think the ewes agreed. The whole while they were on that paddock they were very vocal about it. Ewes and lambs chattered back and forth constantly, trying to stay in touch with each other. On calm nights I could hear them from my open bedroom window. I would lay awake worried that something was bothering them.

I think the constant chatter was because the paddock was so full of bush and hills. They needed to talk to know who was where. When I moved them to the North side for a quick graze on 80 acres of weeds, they were quiet again. The difference was obvious and the North side was more open spaces with far less bush.

Grazing a weedy paddock
The weed patch was where we swath grazed and winter fed. We intended to seed millet for swath grazing again but never got the seed into the ground this Spring. The ewes relished the weeds but there was only a few days worth of grazing there and then we needed to move again.

From the weed patch we went to a paddock that was last grazed in June, during lambing. The grass in the paddock is thick and tall and it's mature. The ewes are quiet in this paddock as well. This morning I could sense the contentment of the ewes. I’m not fooled though, they’ll make a quick pass of the paddock and be looking for the next piece of grass, regardless of how much is left at their feet! For now though, things are blessedly settled here.