Riding Along With Dogs

All the stock dogs become familiar with riding on the Ranger soon after their arrival, and the water bus at some point later on. After every move of the flock I move the water bus and mineral tub. This is one of the tasks I kinda’ wish I had an extra person for. I either have to walk out to the bus, move it, then walk back home. Or I drive out to the bus with the Ranger, move the bus, and then walk back to retrieve the Ranger. There is no way to move without a walk back, which is another reason I like to take a dog or two along.

Cajun, Jayde and Fynn are very familiar with the bus, Gibb has come along a few times but it’s only the second time for BJ.  She hates riding in vehicles but is calm riding in the water bus and also enjoys riding on the Ranger.

When we bought the Ranger we had three Border Collies and we nick named it the Border Collie Bus. Every time we headed out with a dog, we’d tell the dog(s) to ‘get on the bus.’ Today there are two Border Collies as well as three Kelpies and we still tell the dogs to get on the bus.

Doesn’t look like there is much room for me…

One of every ear set :-)

... but we all fit