Clinic Hosting First Day

The first day of hosting clinics is always the day I feel most rattled. So many things to think of at one time, realizing what I forgot, handling people and dogs. Yet at the same time,  the group of people we attract here is fabulous for pitching in and helping and everything gets taken care of somehow and Allen is hugely instrumental in this department. I don’t know what I would do without him. At the end of the first day I always feel a deep satisfaction that we did it once more. There are three more days, but for now, we’ve come through the firsts.

All in all a very successful first day. Several smiling faces around the yard and more than a few dogs dozing off into well deserved rest.  

It doesn’t happen that often but whenever we have a yard full of company I’m always curious about what the guardian dogs will do. The main flock and pack of guardian dogs are situated well away from where we are. I’m pretty sure the guardians know something is happening around the yard but I think it all sounds familiar to them, since I’m always out working my dogs. They are not venturing near.  I am surprised, however, that Willow and Zeus have not ventured into the yard yet.