A Peak At The Rams

Upon looking through my photos it dawned on me that I seldom share any news of the rams.

During the summer they reside with the horses and the cows and this year, PJ the llama is with them too.

They don’t have a guardian dog staying with them at the moment, because Willow and Zeus have moved over to the dogging sheep. So putting the rams with the larger ruminants is of particular benefit, although the pasture they are on is dangerously large.

Sharing resources with bovines and equines has some drawbacks.

But they manage ...


  1. Love it. We've had both successes and failures co-mingling the species. One of our horses is quite sure that anything smaller is a toy. Especially if it runs.

  2. We can't leave the horses with smaller lambs, they harass them and attempt to pick them up with their teeth. The cows are much more agreeable to co-mingling. The guardian dogs often decide who can be where, as not all our dogs accept the different grazers.


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