Wooly Creations

I mentioned I would share this piece when it was done. Well, I think I’m about done with it.

Sheep and a Kelpie stock dog, created with wool..., how fitting is that! :) I like it. This piece is 3 feet by 2 feet; my first attempt at a large piece of needle work. I’m happy I stuck with it and completed it.

It is 100% wool. The grey canvas is a piece of locally purchased, machine felted wool. The drawing was needle felted by hand. The wool I used, however, is not from my sheep (not there yet). I’m just starting with this medium so have a lot of trial and error ahead of me, including learning to wash and dye wool. Meanwhile, I purchase wool so I can do the creative work I love to do. And yes, it feels insane to be buying wool.

After spending so much time on a large piece I needed to do something that would go quicker and whipped up these two smaller pieces in what seemed no time at all, after doing the one above. I'm also trying out a different types of wool canvas to find out what I like. 

With wool art, there is no print making. Every piece is an original with no copies. It will be tough for me to sell these pieces (especially the large one) but I am putting them up for sale. I have been a dabbling, closet artist for several years, doing pencil and pastel drawing prior to needle felting, and it’s time to let go of some of my creations. 


  1. Very nice! What a lot of work...

  2. Beautiful work! Congratulations. I know what you mean about how crazy it seems to buy wool. I can't resist the occasional beautifully dyed roving or really interesting locks, in spite of the mountains of fleece around here.

  3. Thank you both. I feel very satisfied with accomplishing this piece. And I keep shopping for wool for future projects...


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