Places With Purpose

While not the Australian Outback this place is still located in a rather out of the way, middle of nowhere spot.

So it is always a bit of marvel that friends drive out to work dogs here and that I have no trouble filling up stock dog clinics when I host them. And that, while I am not constantly inundated with company, I do get some very interesting visitors.

Today we had visitors from Germany.
Last weekend we had visitors from Italy.
Mid June two ladies from England were brought out to visit by a friend.
At the start of June Tristen and Cole drove more than three hours to spend some time touring the ranch.
I have turned away requests via email, from people asking to room and board here and experience the ranch.
For Sheep Camp in August, folks are coming from out of province and from Nebraska, USA, and there is interest from people in Louisiana.

While visiting in the house after touring the pasture, photographing sheep and talking about wool art, Karen suggested that we start something here. She suggested a place to stay, a lodge of some sort. A place that could accommodate all sorts of activities from arts, to clinics, to retreats for folks trying to get away from everywhere else. With a fence around it so sheep could always be grazing out front, she said.

Her suggestion gave me goosebumps and the reason for their visit began to resonate within. A few years ago I pipe dreamed about the very same idea. I have daydreamed about it numerous times since. It’s not the first time this suggestion has been made by visitors either.  People feel something when they are here.

I’ve long believed that people have callings, a particular purpose(s) they were meant to do and souls won’t rest until they do it. Maybe places have callings to.