An Elementary Day

I’m selling three hair breed ram lambs that were included in a group of hair lambs I bought early this Spring. I really don’t want to risk them breeding my wool breed ewes. The day after I posted them for sale I couldn’t find them out on pasture where they were supposed to be, with the rest of the rams.

After walking dogs this morning I headed out in the still cool, early morning. I found the ram lambs and several other rams grazing up against a fence line in a patch of extremely tall thistle. They happened to be nearby the pass that lead to one of the yard paddocks so I worked them there on foot then ran up to the dog yard to get Cajun.

We quickly moved the dogging sheep into a pen so they didn’t get mixed when the rams came through. Then we moved the rams to the barn where we gate sorted the three hair rams out and afterward took the wool rams back to pasture. It was a simple chore of which the gate sorting was the best part and the most fun to do with Cajun.

After that I headed out to check the flock and feed guardian dogs. All was peaceful and it was already getting pretty warm out.

At the moment I have no Ranger (waiting for parts) and no tractor (waiting for a tire) which makes it difficult to tackle some of the other out door jobs here. The flock was not moving anywhere today, the water bus was full, the mineral tubs topped up. So it was, that I found myself back at the house at 9:00 AM with a mostly open day ahead of me. So I fed my creative side, and on and off throughout the day, worked away at a needle felting project.

This evening was supper out with friends; a lovely end to an elementary day.

I love it when easy days occur during the week. After many years of working a Monday to Friday job I still feel like a day off in the middle of the week is a special affair.