Learning About Wool

I took in a local sheep show and sale taking place this weekend where I enjoyed happy company and good conversation.

Admittedly, I wasn’t half as interested in the sheep show as I was in the wool crafts and judging of fleeces. Three fibre loving ladies were laying fleeces on a skirting table and then judging the quality. As they worked they were more than happy to discuss what and how they were judging. I took full advantage of it, stood table side, got my hands on the wool and asked many questions. The ladies were patient with my interruptions and eager to share. Bless them, they taught me a lot about wool today.

I raise market lamb of a commercial wool breed. For several years I didn’t give wool a lot of thought, except as an indicator of health, and around shearing time. Now, the more I explore wool and all its uses, the more fascinating wool becomes to me. It’s not just wool but that sheep are such a versatile animal, providing fibre and food, both of which are easily accessible to us. As obvious as that last statement sounds I think it is lost on a lot of producers. We think that wool fibre must be top quality to be useful, but wool of all types has uses. I’m sure there are uses that we haven’t thought of yet.

I'm going to enjoy exploring with wool.