Gibson on A Flock Move

I had the camera with me during last evenings flock move. It was a gorgeous evening, as warm and calm as it looks in the photos.

I took Gibson along for more experience driving behind the flock. I did give him a chance for a couple small gathers to bunch the flock together. The second one was too much distance and he blew through a stop to race ahead for sheep and I was too far away to influence him.

There were a lot of sheep when he got up there, which he tried really hard to deal with, but just didn’t have the scope of experience for being that far away and to get around that many sheep. When he finally stopped running through sheep, he looked for me and we smoothly sorted ourselves out. He was pretty proud of himself and I made sure he kept that feeling. Then I slipped the long line on him and we worked together, driving the flock the rest of the way. 

 The lead ewes are on the way, now recognizing where they are going.

Curling around through the gate and into the new paddock. That's Diesel in the rear, coming along with Gibb and I.

In between checking sheep and moving sheep I'm making a little time for more needle work. I'm very pleased with how this piece is turning out. I'll share it in full when it's complete.