Blooming Prairie

After a morning walk last week, I returned to the house, grabbed up the camera and headed back out. Everything on the prairie is showcasing its blooming glory. We have a short window of summer blooms, and each year I am here, my appreciation of the summer prairie landscape deepens.

Lest you get lead astray, rest assured, I am not a green thumb, nor a gardener and I don’t know the names of half these plants. Yet it doesn’t matter to me that I don’t know their names, because they don’t either. What matters is that I appreciate that they are here. That I understand I would not be here raising sheep in this manner, without all these species being present.

Tonight I had a moment to get the photos cropped and re-sized. Enjoy.

The purple and pink of Alfalfa and Sanfoin

Baby's Breath

Trees setting seed

Our beautiful, although greatly despised, Canadian Thistle

Cicer Milkvetch

Even the Cattails ...

Precious Grass

Meadow Brome