Healthy Dose of Hot Weather and People

The last two days offered up a good, healthy dose of hot weather and people! Allen and I enjoyed a large family BBQ on Saturday and this afternoon / evening was spent working dogs with several friends. Good times!

It was a great weekend and welcome reprieve from the regular sheep routine and the last frustration filled days. The pace has settled again and with the exception of some late lambing ewes, lambing is complete. The flock has been one unit since I put everyone together when the heavy rain started and it’s considerably tougher to stay on top of catching the last few new lambs.  I’m not going to worry overmuch about them though and if I can’t manage to catch them in the next day or two I’ll just leave them alone. It just isn’t worth bringing everyone home to catch a few lambs.

After a couples weeks of attempting to control the flock on lush grass I gave in (up) on the last move. The next paddock looked like it had more grass than alfalfa so I said forget the Electranet, and let the flock have access to the entire paddock. No one bloated. It’s a large paddock so the ewes will be there for a few days now. I’m going to welcome the change of pace and since tomorrow is Canada Day, perhaps I’ll sit easy for a day.  I hope you can do the same.

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Everyone wants to hang out at the popular spot