Birth On The Prairies

This is the natural season for birth on the prairies. On the way to town yesterday we spotted a deer and her little fawn. Ducks are nesting in the grass and we’ve been watching these little feathered friends and sneaking a peek at their nests as we travel back and forth to pasture.

KillDeer Plover
Allen happened to come along right when this little dragon was hatching. It’s not very often that we happen to catch moments like this one. Such big feet for a little bird!!

Nest and hatchling of KillDeer Plover
With the busy pace of lambing it's easy to get caught up in worries and go about with my head down and miss all of this. But one thing that Allen and a life on the prairie have taught me, is that it's good practice to lift your head up, take a look around and breathe deeply. It's amazing what you'll see when you do.