Sans Spring Rain

Do you see the dust?

This whitish film sitting on the dry grass is snow mold. We have a lot of it this year which I guess is not surprising considering how long snow was on the ground this winter. It looks innocent enough but its causes a fair share of trouble for grazing animals. A good rain would help out right now. Spring rains do much more than bring May flowers. Rain washes the grass., it freshens the air.  It cleanse the surface of the earth of all its winter dust, like snow mold.

We have not received any Spring rains, in fact it seems that we have skipped Spring altogether and gone on to Summer.

Today was the first time I experienced fencing, plus 27 celsius (which is July, August temperatures for us, not May), hot wind and, in places where the fence passes through bush, snow at the base of the fence.

Another oddity: extreme fire warnings across the prairies so soon after the winter of heavy snow we just came through. We had our own scary fire here already which Allen and I managed to stamp out. A couple days ago 1000 acres of overgrown grassland about 12 miles away from here went up in flames. In between those two fires, another quarter section of land burnt up at a different location.

The air is dry and dusty everywhere. The ewes stir up a haze of dust while they graze. I’m anxious about where to graze next and how to plan this year of grazing sine the grass is so slow in starting.

I am eagerly anticipating the first rain of the season. We need it. I never would have guessed that after all that snow we’d be in need of rain already, but we are.