Missed By An Evening

Allen and I hemmed and hawed about moving the flock last night. It was going to be a longer move and we were trying to have a light work day since it was the long weekend holiday. We decided not to since I could take care of it the next day.

Well, this morning there were a couple of these newbies on the ground. 

They complicate the move a bit. Since they are new I don’t like to make them move. Mom and babe need time together without the stress of traveling someplace else. So they stayed put and I moved the rest of the flock out, which was easy enough even though it didn't go too smoothly.

The greater complication and risk is leaving these few behind. On this move the flock was skipping over a paddock and onto the next one, which meant a longer move and not a direct line of travel. This put the flock ahead and out of sight from the ewes who stayed behind which means when the moms do decide to move with their lambs they don’t have a direct line on where the flock went to.

By evening, the moms had not traveled far at all. You don’t get too far along when your sidekick is only hours old. I still wasn’t comfortable walking them as far as would be needed, so they were going to have to stay where they were for the night. To help alleviate the stress I felt about leaving them on their own, away from everyone else, I brought Diesel back to them. The guardian dogs are quite remarkable at keeping tabs on sheep in various locations but this morning all the dogs moved out with the flock and then took up snoozing for the day. I don’t think they realized these few were still back here. 

I was comforted to see Diesel’s soft approach to the ewes and then see him lie down. Even if he doesn’t stay put here at all times, I’m pretty sure he’ll be checking in on these ones overnight.

I didn’t push forward for a better photo so as not to disturb anyone. Dark is coming on.