Warming Up

The weather is turning warmer each day which is helping the ewes out. The last of our snow is disappearing rapidly now.  In the afternoon I can go outdoors dressed in a single layer of clothing instead of two or three.

The world out here looks dirty brown again. After being packed under snow for six months the prairie looks like it has a bad case of hat head. Being a grass based ranch it’s pretty tough for me to swallow that we are still feeding hay at the beginning of May. But Nature often makes such determinations for us and it is up to us to adapt and go with the flow, however we can. 

We got our leftover fleeces packed up and were able to haul the wool to the collection depot today. I saved quite a few fleeces and plan to clean and dye some of it for art projects. The rest of it I want to use as insulation in a couple outdoor dog houses (which I have to build yet). I’ll use the tags to mulch around hedges again.

I’m getting back into the routine of training the stock dogs and enjoying the company of people who come out to join me on occasion. The livestock guardian dogs are ceasing their winter travels and staying in closer proximity to the flock again.

All of us are enjoying the sun and the relaxed comfort of being outdoors when it is neither too cold, nor too hot, but is just right.