Creative Interlude

The first Spring rain arrived night before last. I woke in the wee morning hours to the sound of wind and rain, heaved a sigh of thanks and went back to sleep for another hour. That day the world started to turn green.

We are in full swing with pseudo-grazing; the grass growth is still light and when you’re skeptical on how the grass will produce given the late, dry start, it’s challenging to know where to put the ewe flock next and how long to let them graze there. The water bus is in use again so hauling water has begun.  In between looking after sheep, fencing is in full swing - we are need of a major overhaul on some fence lines.

We have some trouble in the main flock. As we approach lambing some ewes are rapidly declining in health, so maybe a pregnancy toxemia type thing going on. My theory is the snow mold (molds can tie up vitamin and mineral absorption) combined with the lack of Spring and early fresh grass. I also stopped offering free choice kelp to cut down on the consumption (it’s still in their mineral mix). Maybe not the year to do that. Needless to say kelp is back on the menu.

After a morning of fencing and trying to sort out electrical flow to various paddocks, I was showing my frustration toward Jayde, whom I took along to help push ewes back through the fence they are crawling through. I needed to switch gears.  I needed a creative recess.

So in the afternoon, I took one (which is one of the highlights of this life). I did some online snooping for needle felting inspiration; I window shopped for supplies (it is still window shopping if you’re on a computer?) Then I went back outside and built myself a small skirting screen.

It still needs legs of some sort so it can lay flat and off of the ground. It’s small but it will do for starting and I think I’ll be dealing more with pieces than full fleeces.  Once I get a fleece skirted I can start washing. Last week I bought a few natural wool dyes and mordants and I’m expecting those supplies to arrive at the end of the week.

Feeling anticipation of this new art endeavor I began to sketch out the next felting project. This one is a large piece and I’m struggling to draw it up on a large scale. I have a felted piece of wool ready for this one and it helps to see it and imagine the outcome.

In the evening it was back to sheep work and feeding LGD's. Cajun, Gibson and I were back out to bring in the dogging sheep, then over to the pasture where the rams, wethers, cows and horses are hanging out, and finally to check the flock and tuck them up for the night.