All Things Going On At Once

Just over 80 lambs have been born so we are off to a good start with lambing. A couple afternoons / evenings of rain had us hopping around and a couple newborns have been in the house to warm up and then reunited with mom. The sunny breaks in between are making the difference between a disastrous weather lambing and a pretty good one.  There are four sets of triplets already which is unexpected for our ewes.

Amidst the bustle of lambing we are preparing for a stock dog clinic and small trial taking place this upcoming week. So it’s a little busy around here. I still make time for peaceful morning walks though, ...

...and working stock dogs (and sheep for the clinic) and even have a little time left over for this new adventure:

Since the last post about my desire to do needle felting again, a couple of exciting things have happened.

The natural dyes I ordered arrived.

The neighbours bought four Icelandic sheep, were looking for information for shearing them and phoned us. I immediately put in a request for the fleeces and was able to get all four. There is natural black, silver and moorit (brown). I know it’s finer wool and won’t felt as quickly as some other types but it’s going to be fun to explore and find uses for this lovely fibre.

And look at this:

It’s an old hand operated drum carder, plus a set of hand carders. A lady in town has been hanging onto these for me for a looong time. Funny thing is, when she told me she had this I understood that it was hand carders only. I was flabbergasted when I finally touched base with her to pick them up and it turned out to be a drum carder. What an amazing find, waiting for me all this time.  I’m so excited about getting started with turning some of my own fleeces into artwork.