A Grazing We Will Go

I traveled to the Southern most paddock yesterday morning, looking for signs of grass. There was just the scant hint of grass coming along. In the evening Allen and I traveled back out there to pick up a water trough that got left out over winter, and by golly I think the grass visibly grew in that time frame. That, or else it was the light of the setting sun making the little bits of new green stand out - or I’m just so desperate to see green grass that I’m making it happen. :-)

This morning when I saw the greenery along the trail, I decided to heck with a hay bale, today was the day to turn the sheep out for the first day of full grazing. They have been scrounging and nibbling for ten days or so, but this is the first day they’ve been able to get their lips on tender grass shoots with relative ease.

Can you see the tinge of green; it’s there. 

This is Nature’s under painting. A couple more days with the Sun’s brush and this canvas will be a rich mixture of  revived, fresh greens and fading, grizzled browns.

This is along the trail. It was the prime spot this morning. Not too long ago I was shoveling myself out of very deep snow along this very trail. 

Despite all that snow moisture, we only dealt with a normal amount of runoff, nothing extra, and the grass is slow to come on this year. Perhaps this is due to the rapid warm up we have had. We have skipped spring and jumped right to summer.

The first day of putting the sheep out always feels good. They are eager for greens and I like to watch them. I check and double check them to be sure they are okay and haven’t slipped through any unknown holes in the fence. The pasture they are on is across the yard from the house so I watched sheep with binoculars too.