Sheep Shearing Work Bee

Well I just had one of the easiest shearing days in a long time. That’s because I skipped out for the afternoon portion so that I could attend an industry board meeting…which was only possible for me to do because of the gracious help of many extra hands. 

The morning started at 5:30, shearers arrived at 8:00 and shortly after we were off and running. There was only a few of us at the start so it was hectic trying to keep up to the shearers but soon more help began to trickle in, and kept on trickling in, even in the afternoon.

I wasn’t really planning to leave until the moment I left, because it didn’t really seem proper to do so. Yet I did want to be part of the other engagement because some important things were happening there too and I had a chance to influence them. Allen encouraged me to go regardless of what it looked like to others, and Lorrie (the head shearer) agreed with him. When all the help arrived, I realized it might be possible for me to go. (I’m glad I did).

I pushed hard to return soon enough that I could still be of help at the end of the day. On the drive home, I passed a few people leaving and when I got here the job was done, the wool bags stacked and stored, the building tidied, even the dishes were done. How fantastic is that! It’s incredible.  A BIG, heartfelt, shout out to everyone who came to be a part of the day with us. Thank you a thousand times over.

Sheep shearing days, processing days, harvest crews, … all of these collective, work-bee occurrences must be similar to the what I imagine barn raising events of days gone by were like. An fine example of the generosity of humans and strongly unifying in many mysterious ways.

p.s. I have no photos of the day. It was just too busy. The set up was similar to last year so if you want to see something, you can take a look at the Shearing Details and Wool Harvest post. Just picture a yard still full of snow in the last photo.