Start and Stop

Trying my hand a 'catching' a drop

Our warmer spell was interrupted by a day of wind and snow today which made for a good day to finish up our income, expenses and livestock flow sheets for tax purposes. It was a good inside job for Allen who is on very light work duty for the next six weeks while he heals from shoulder surgery.  I popped in now and again but it’s really safer if one of us focuses on that task rather than both of us at the same time :)

First touch of the morning sun

I have a sheep handling fun day coming up on Sunday so I did a little bit of preparation for that. Basically it will be an afternoon for people who have not been around sheep to get acquainted with them. We’ll do some sheep moving and sorting without dogs while discussing the basics of what we ask our dogs to do and why it matters. (I have a secret underlying motive as well: hopefully I can recruit some of them to come back for shearing which is coming up quickly and which I really need help with.