Newbies and Spring Start Ups

Two of the cows have birthed their calf. Both are bull calves. When calves are little they are ignorantly fearless - one reason they need a mom to look after them. This little guy has been busy nuzzling rams and had no concern whats so ever about walking right up to me. Mom on the other hand, was a bit concerned.

The weather is cold again and the ewes are stressed. In the evenings they are motoring around with heads down like they are trying to consume as much feed as possible before the nightfall sets in. They are not quick to settle.

The sheep are doing a lot of grazing now; finding old bits of last years grass on the native prairie and still eating on the millet swaths. We leave a center gate open so they can come up for water, this open gate allows them access to the north side of the paddock where the native prairie is. They have access to a full quarter of land right now and are traveling around a lot.

Cajun is back in the saddle with me, coming out for the evening checks and to tuck everyone together or at least in the same corner of the pasture. Spring and Fall are the times when the flock really spreads out so I use the dogs almost every day. It’s wonderful to have him back out there with me and see him travel across the (almost) bare ground again.

Working the stock dogs has started back up in earnest. I have a group of dogging sheep sorted and with some snow shoveling I was able to get the gate leading into one of the training paddocks open. The only snow left is around the edges, the rest of the paddock is clear and it was such a treat to be in an open space, free of snow, that I took Gibbs for a spin right away.